Allan Bros., Inc. is a fruit growing, packing and shipping company located in Naches, WA. With orchards located throughout Eastern Washington, Allan Brothers strives to produce premium quality products sought after by consumers while providing the highest levels of service to its retail customers. Following a path of exceeded expectations and consistent, high quality products, Allan Brothers has forged the strength of its reputation through numerous years of development and innovation.

The Allan Brothers family has a long and rich history in the agricultural and fruit packing industry. Beginning well over a century ago in the Yakima Valley, Samuel, Thomas, and William planted the company's first seeds in Washington soils. Escaping the cold winters of North Dakota, the first Eastern Washington farming endeavors for the family consisted of crops of corn, wheat, oats, potatoes, and hay for the dairy cows. The focus remained on these crops for nearly twenty years until the second generation - Walt, John, Alex, and Bob - branched into tree fruit and subsequently planted four orchards of cherries.

Following the expansion into cherries, apples came next with Stamin Winesaps being the first of the family apple orchards. Not to allow any time or resources to fall to waste and to keep the business moving forward during the time it took for apple trees to start bearing fruit, corn and potatoes were also planted as a cash crop between the orchards' rows of trees. By the end of the 1940's and with the success of the fruit harvests, the Allan Brothers family was well on its way with completely replacing all the hay, corn, grain, and potato crops with orchards.

In the early 1950's the first apple packing and cold storage facility was constructed outside of Naches, WA. Through the years cherry packing lines, controlled atmosphere storages, and other support facilities were built to accommodate the growing business. Under the watch of the third generation - Dave, Todd, George, and Larry - the business and its facilities expanded even further to include shipping docks, multiple apple and cherry packing lines, quality control systems, new orchard plantings, and strengthened business relationships throughout the tree fruit industry. In most recent years, the fourth generation of the Allan family, Tom and Travis Allan, have assumed leadership roles and company ownership to continue the legacy of the Allan name within the Washington State tree fruit industry.