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Over the last 100 years, Allan Brothers has earned its reputation as one of Washington's premier growers, packers and shippers of apples and cherries. We specialize in the high-demand varieties customers want to eat the most.


Envy™ is the brand for a drop-dead gorgeous apple, with a full-figured, intensely red skin. It is lightly russeted, which gives it a natural look, and has creamy, white flesh. The Envy™ brand apple eats as fantastically as it looks, with a crisp bite, and deliciously sweet flavor.

Parentage: Royal Gala & Braeburn

Availability: October – May

Usage: Best for salads and snacking but can be used for baking or cooking.

Envy Website

Source: Rainier Fruit


The JAZZ™ brand apple came to be when curious growers in New Zealand married the Royal Gala to the Braeburn. Add the Braeburn’s lively zip to the Royal Gala’s sassy sweetness and what do you get? An apple called JAZZ™ and one that comes by its extra dose of attitude naturally.

Parentage: Braeburn and Royal Gala

Availability: September-July

Usage: A refreshing choice for salads and snacking.

Jazz Website

Source: Rainier Fruit

Allan Brothers Apples

We're always looking for the next big thing, and we believe we found it with Envy™ and Jazz™ brand apples. For over 100 years, Allan Brothers has innovated to give customers the best eating experience on the market with top-tier apple varieties. 
Having access to organic fruit is important to customers.  We are proud to go the extra mile to grow and pack organic apples and cherries in all of our varieties. 

Allan Brothers Cherries

Summer and cherries go hand in hand - at summer BBQs, by the pool, or on a hot, sunny day. Truly seasonal in nature, enjoy our delicious cherries right after harvest in June, July, and August.


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