Yakima Valley Orchards (YVO) is the orchard operating entity of Allan Bros., Inc., farming over 2,300 acres of mostly apple and cherry varieties throughout the Yakima Valley and the greater Columbia Basin regions. The company’s focus is solely on the production of high quality tree fruit from its orchards, using the best science, technology, and sustainable practices available. Through the years, YVO continues to enjoy being one of the leading innovators within the Washington State tree fruit industry of new rootstocks, varieties, and orchard systems.

There is both an art and a science to growing quality tree fruit, and the ownership and managers of YVO put these into practice daily. The art has been acquired through years of observing the life of an orchard and how it responds to its management. The science all comes together when selecting which tree fruit variety and orchard system to implement in a specific location. YVO is constantly analyzing production and quality from its orchard blocks and making decisions about replacing trees or grafting new varieties onto existing rootstocks. Year over year, Yakima Valley Orchards actively plants new blocks with varieties that are in demand by consumers, including the ENZA™ varieties of Envy™ and Jazz™, Buckeye Gala™, Pink Lady™, and Aztec Fuji apples along with Benton and Chelan sweet cherries.

To ensure that all sustainable practices are monitored and verified, YVO is a voluntary participant in Global G.A.P. (Global Good Agricultural Practices). The vision is to provide safe and sustainable food produced by passionate farmers for consumers all over the world. Integrated pest management techniques, involving biological and cultural controls, are also used in the orchards to reduce pesticide use.